Tuesday, 12 May 2015


This painting is called Devotion. 
I love the way the sea horses have their tails entwined at the bottom. 

It was a completely different subject for me, but I really love Sea Horses,& I have a few ornamental ones in my home. 
It took me some time to make this format work, as they just seemed to be floating in mid air. (I know they are floating), but I needed something to make a better image. 
I am happy with the end result, now it has the bubbles and weeds. 

This painting is enhanced with pearlescent and gold acrylic paint. Known as interference medium. 
You mix this with your colour, to get a shiny finish. 

As you can see in this close up image, 
(click on the images to enlarge them,) 
There is a pearly finish on the bubbles, and down the spine of both of the sea horses, which makes this painting a bit difficult to photograph and re-produce. 
It will be on show at the wylye valley art trail soon.