Saturday, 29 August 2015



These limited edition giclee prints of Portland Bill, Dorset, are going fast at  Weymouth harbourside.
I am finding this very exciting to see my work finally working for me, as I have not 
really been very active in arranging giclee prints in the past. 
I am so glad to have found someone who can advise me all the way with ordering mounts,  sizes, wrapping, printing etc. 
 There are 2 sizes, 40cm Square, and 30.5 square, and both sizes are a limited
 edition of 40. 

Also they have some of the WEYMOUTH MORNING prints below. These are absolutely stunning. The colours are just as good as the original painting as you can see. 
All prints are on high quality watercolour printing paper, and are light fast for up to 80 years.
These are limited edition prints of 50.