Sunday, 13 March 2016


                                       A DAY IN WEYMOUTH.  (commission) 

I meant to add this painting to the blog just before Christmas, but as it was a commission I wanted to make sure it was delivered safely and the owners were happy with it. 
They were really pleased with the outcome, as they had to send me a few photos so that I could get the gig boat in the foreground and the family waving on the quay.
 It was certainly a challenge, but I really did enjoy doing it. 
This is the third time that I have painted this scene, and sold it. 
The owners of this painting had already bought the original, first painting I did of this subject from The Cove gallery in Weymouth, and as it was a present for someone, they missed having it around. So we came up with this one, which I am really pleased with. 
I have told the gallery that I am not keen to do another one of these for a while!