Saturday, 12 November 2016


I had a lovely day with the Sparkford art group, showing them how to paint a splashing wave with masking fluid, using a cotton bud and a straw.

We also added some simple beach huts, (which a few people said would be pointing out to sea for the view!.) 

I wanted to show how to work the windows and shadows, so that they could try it on other building subjects.

 We then added a watery reflection on to the promenade. 

 It was really interesting to see the different interpretations of work, with the use of colour and style, some adding birds, or a glow in the street lamp. 

 My favourite part is always the bit at the end when we all stand our work on the stage, and 
compare notes.  Once again a really good effort from everyone, all having a peice of work completed to take home. 
I must say thank you to them all for making me so welcome, as I am still relatively new to the teaching side of art, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. well done. 
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