Monday, 31 July 2017


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It was my turn to do MEET THE ARTIST, at The Cove gallery, Trinity street, Weymouth, this saturday. I didnt realise it was the bank holiday weekend, but it was great fun, and lots of people to chat to about art. Especially the younger generation, who were interested in getting into art. We talked about pen and ink washed sketches, and drawing skills, and they seemed to like my sketchbooks.
As you can see, I set up camp, - well studio, in the corner of the shop and people could watch me painting through the window. It was funny to start with, as I wanted to wave at them, but I continued with my painting, and gradually got used to it. 
I even had a few friends drop in to give moral support. 

I went to Weymouth a week before this, delivering greetings cards to the gallery and I also planning to get some more sketches of these 2 boats, which are always parked in the same place, but of course, not on the day I went there! They had moved further down, behind one another, as i think it was a busy time for sailing that day.  I was glad I got photos and sketches in the past to work from.

This will be the 4th time I have painted this harbour now, (which I affectionately call Ballymoray as someone once said that's what my little houses looked like!)
 I did say never again, but I suppose I can't resist it, as its so pretty. 

Ballymoray!  (weymouth Morning, 
available as limited edition prints at Cove gallery).

Looking through
 the window.
My workspace in the gallery window

Close up of the harbour buildings detail.