ALL ABOUT ME - the artists blurb!

Moira takes much of her inspiration from the ancient unkempt
woodlands around her home in a small village on the border
of wiltshire and Dorset. 
She is particularly interested in the way sunlight plays through the canopy of trees, and the dark secret places of flora and fauna created by mother nature.
In a complete contrast, she is also known for her bright, poster like images of Dorset.
Her bold use of black and vivid colour makes her work
instantly recognisable, and she likes to call this style of
work 'Contemporary Nostalgia'     

 A self taught artist, in both acrylic and watercolours
Moira studied art at school, then college in North Wiltshire during the 1970s, until her well meaning parents encouraged her to get a 'proper job' like most art students of the time. 
She continued to work on house portrait commissions in watercolour, while being a young mum, until moving to South wilts in 1990. 
After doing a variety of none artistic jobs, she started her own business as a Mural/stencil artist, which enticed her back to the larger style, bold acrylics on canvas that we are familiar with today.   

After being featured in several art related magazines, she was spotted by Artist and Illustrators magazine, in 2013.
 She represented their 'Portfolio Plus' page with 3 pieces of work, alongside artist of the year exhibition at the Osbourne studios, Knightsbridge, London. 
She was a finalist, (again for A and I magazine) at Artist of the year in November 2014, and exhibited one piece of work with them at the Mall Galleries, London January 2015.  

 Moira works on a black background which gives an extra vibrancy to the colours. 
She loves to experiment with unusual formats, unpredictable colours, and other mediums such as gilding flakes, lava paste and iridescent colours, capturing the mood and atmosphere of mother nature. 
Built up of many layers, and small brush strokes, each work can take quite some time to complete.   

ALPHONSE MUCHA, a pioneer in the advertising genre of art.
C.R.W.NEVINSON, known for his wartime cubism work, and great use of black.
BRIAN COOK. best loved for his work as a poster artist for Batsford print, which is making something of a come back at the moment.
 and of course, SIR ARTHUR RACKHAM's  work of magical line and wash drawings, the sinister looking trees with faces, and fairy paintings. 

 To find out more about the things Moira has been involved with this year, 
click on the link "artist CV"