Saturday, 21 September 2013

plein air painting in Cornwall.

I decided I would like to find out what Plein air painting was really
all about. It couldn't be that hard could it?
They say it is good to give it a try, and not use photos all the time.
Also, It helps to create a sense of energy and feeling in what
you are trying to convey.
I must just say I am honestly not that fat... I look like the michelin man! 
I was wearing four layers to keep warm, and really wished I had a scarf 
and some fingerless gloves for the occasion. 
It was dry, thank goodness, and lovely and sunny. Too sunny in fact for
the scene I was trying to paint. -(I know, I should be gratefull.)
 That said, it was absolutely freezing, and blowing a gale. My fingers were frozen, as
I really didn't think I would need gloves this time of the year. I was determined to
get something finished that looked a little like the scene in front of me.
 Especially as I was creating a small crowd sitting on a bench behind me, and a couple of
others wandering by with dogs. 

So the finished article which I am quite pleased with.
 I know its not brilliant, but yes, they are right it does create more atmosphere
 in your work and it makes you look harder at your subject for colour. 
I think if the weather had been a bit kinder it would have been a bit easier,
as that wind was hard to deal with. The easel kept blowing over for a start and 
we had to weight it down with pebbles. 
Until you experience such things you really don't understand what artists
went through, and still do of course. The brave ones that is.I did kind of enjoy the 
challenge of it all, and I will do it again. 

.     Crackington Haven, near Bude, North Cornwall.