Sunday, 23 September 2012


 Here I am at the Bath Prize evening, which was a competition I entered online.

It was nice to meet other artists,  Particularly Lindsey Smith who was the artist who pointed it out to me on the Facebook page, and to marvel at the standard of work that was on show. Some very good things.

I was recuperating from a major operation for Cancer, (which was caught early, I am glad to say)
 I decided I would have a go at a painting. 
- my doctor said it was the best thing I could possibly do as it would get me up in the mornings,  so after much worrying about the subject I would be
allocated, I clicked on my p.c and received Victoria Park, somewhere I was very familiar with from picnics with the kids when they were young, and they
used to call it Vikki Park.
 I was worried that I wouldn't meet the deadline, as I had a lot of treatment to undergo afterwards, but I
managed one good effort, which made me happy, and they extended the deadline for another couple of weeks so that was a help. 

I didn't win anything, or sell, but it was a good experience and a lovely evening.
 I will definitely do it next time, maybe I will get something with more buildings in, as it was hard to break up all the trees.