Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bristol Harbourside exhibition work.

Well it doesn't stop there....... 
 I have been working on 2 paintings for the Bristol Exhibition.         

I have now completed both paintings which are very detailed, and they have been delivered to The gallery on the Harbourside,
Bristol. The exhibition starts on 
Saturday 6th December, 1pm, and runs 
throughout that month.

The one above,
 is called A GRAND DAY OUT.
I think the title was inspired by Grommitt standing on the front of the boat.
 It measures 20" x 18" 

And this one is called HOME FROM HOME. 20" x 20"
This was inspired by a photograph I took looking across from a jetty. 
It was such a bright clear autumnal day.
I just loved the way the luxury apartments looked like an ocean going liner, which
had just pulled into port,  Then you have the contrast of the people living
 in the canal boats below them. 
It made me smile to think how home means different things to different people.