Friday, 15 July 2016

Atkinson Gallery, Millfield school, exhibition

I have been so busy this week! 
what with handing in work for the Sherborne open exhibition ready 
for next week, collecting prints for The Cove Gallery, preparing flyers for my exhibition
with Claire, and selling work at the Grove arms, Ludwell.

Here I am again at another exhibition preview evening, and I am pleased to say 
that I am quite good now, and actually stay off the wine!. 
Yes, that really is just orange juice!!
There have been some amusing pictures of me with a shiny red face, enjoying a few 
glasses of red, and slightly tipsy at some of the earlier venues I have attended, so I 
have come to the conclusion that it is'nt very professional. 
(I made up for it when I got home mind.) 

This is the Atkinson gallery, at Millfield school, Street, in Somerset, 
 where my painting "Mother's day" is having another outing. 


an interesting and varied exhibition of works.