Saturday, 23 July 2016

Painting the mural in the beer garden.

When I went to the Grove arms at Ludwell, to see the landlady Nina about displaying my artwork, she asked me if I knew anyone who could paint a mural as she had always wanted one on the wall of the beer garden. 
She showed me her little pond of grasses in a beer barrel, and it became the inspiration for 
the mural. 

I went away and worked on some drawings, and she was really pleased. 

I was lucky that it was not work on ladders, as I have had to give up murals like that a long time ago. Because of my Fybromyalgia, I have to pace myself, so I was able to sit down and work. It was the hottest couple of days of the year, but I was sat in the shade, and they were
so good to me, bringing lime and soda and jugs of ice water. The lunch was good too. 

You can see from the picture above that I started by drawing out the design with chalk, and graphite. I then filled it all in with black masonary paint. 
My partner helped too by painting some of the bottom, as he often worries if I do too much. 
The finished part was when I finally added the creatures at the top. The bee and the dragonfly, there was also a leaping frog.

There is bad news about this mural.
 It only existed for about 2 months, and is no longer there!
I really enjoyed creating it, but the brewery decided that it was time for a makeover on the pub.  Nina Bartlett the landlady, tried everything she could to keep it there, but after a lot of discussion they painted over it !!!!! 
Of course I am upset, but I have lots of photographs, and they are hoping that one day I will be able to re create it for them. It will probably be in the springtime now.
Until then, the artwork is still inside for all to view.