Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mists & mellow fruitfulness

Interested in different mediums on the market at the moment, I wanted to see what 
effects I could incorporate into my style of work and make them more exciting.

Experimenting with glass bead medium and lava paste, along with gilding flakes and interference medium, you can see what an exciting effect I achieved and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Varnishing was interesting to do.  I had to literally drizzle the liquid over it very carefully so as not to disturb the glass beads, that was because I was using high gloss varnish to bring out the shine, I think in hindsight I may spray it over next time. 

I hope the photographs have captured the textures and shine for you to see. 

This painting is entitled "MISTS AND MELLOW FRUITFULNESS" 
Size - 20" x 16"       on deep edge canvas, finished with black edges. 

click on the images for a larger view.