Tuesday, 15 November 2016

cottage commission

A few years ago my niece fell in love with this cottage while we were out on a wander one day. She said she would love to live there, and called it her dream home. 
So when I was commissioned to paint it in watercolour, by its new owners I really looked forward to working on it. 

I hadn't done any house portraits for a while, as I have been working mostly in acrylics on canvas, only coming back to watercolour for the odd piece of work, and when asked to do classes.

 I used to paint pictures of houses and pubs which were commissioned presents for retirement, birthday or wedding anniversaries, when my children were small. 

Alongside a part time job, and I do not know where I found the time!

I made a pen and wash sketch to start with, to make sure
the owners would be happy with it, then I started with 
the trees at the top of the painting.
I built it all up very gradually in washes to get the muted 
colours in the roof tiles and thatch. Then got the details in.

It was even better when I had a mount fitted, which 

I like to add so that it is properly finished and
ready to frame.

 I am really pleased with how this painting has turned out and now it resides inside the cottage, with its happy owners.