Sunday, 25 June 2017

New mural at grove arms, Ludwell.

Had a very busy couple of weeks since the art trail finished.
Last week in the lovely hot weather, I re-instated the mural for the beer garden at the Grove arms, Ludwell.
Really enjoyed doing this, as they allowed me to take my time and pace myself which is what its all about with my fybromyalgia. I could sit down for this one.
Thoroughly enjoyed the banter with the locals and visitors staying as well, and even though it was work in the shade I now have a great suntan to show for it!
I used to do a lot of this sort of work, but sadly had to give it up as it became to much for me.
This was a sort of present, to the landlady Nina Bartlett.

If you scroll further down this blog you will see the origin mural painted almost a year ago. You can compare the two.

This is a really welcoming pub which has some lovely food, also won awards for its dog friendly status.
Of course you can still see my artwork on display there too.