Monday, 3 July 2017

Art@eype exhibition

Just completed the art@eype exhibition, down near Bridport, Dorset.
 Had a great time with all the other participants, sitting round the table 
at lunchtimes discussing what we do next. -Which up and coming exhibitions 
and opens exhibitions to enter, and of course how to become successful!
It was a little sad when we packed everything away, and all said goodbye, 
but I know we will all keep in touch through the Dorset facebook site. 

 Here is my own bit of space and I was grateful to my partner who helped me hang 
some of them. It was a really high standard of work and there were lots of sales.

I was very lucky that I managed to book a few days holiday at the campsite next 
door so I didn't have to drive every day. The weather was gorgeous and we 
were so grateful that it didn't rain on our trailer tent.
 Altogether it was a very enjoyable weekend, and as I have always had a bit of 
a phobia about thunderstorms, I felt so happy that I was back at home before it 
all kicked off.