Monday, 28 July 2014

Sherborne open exhibition

           Last week was the open exhibition in Sherborne, Dorset.
         I really enjoyed this one , as it was such a lovely exhibition.
            I heard that 800 paintings were entered, 600 were hung, 
                  and 100 sold, so very successful.

 Artists had to hand in the paintings, and then wait another week for  the preview evening, where they would find out if their work was selected and hung. 
I was so pleased to find that all 3 of my paintings had been selected, and hung in good places,and it was good to bump into a few fellow artist friends, and I spotted other artist's work that I know.
The place was really busy, and a very hot, so the apple juice was very welcome. 
     I had to return to Sherborne yesterday, and collect any paintings not sold. Unfortunately I did'nt sell any of them, but I had a lot of good comments.